“Custom Pieces” Gallery

These pieces pictured are custom sized canvases. We offer a range of custom sizing and designs. Our passion is to create your vision! 

…to inquire for any of the below pieces, please fill out a custom order form on our contact us page and include the name and the size you are desiring. 

36x48” MOROCCO w/ natural wood framing 


*available for purchase* 

Shipping calculated separately 


36x48” nude & white “LA JOLLA” no framing 

*available for purchase* 

$ 760

 42x52 white “AMALFI” w/ white wash framing 

36x48” The “GIO AMALFI” w/ white wash framing 


30 x 40” “BALI” w/black framing 


40 x 50” nude “AMALFI” w/white wash framing 

36 x 48” tan “AMALFI” w/ natural wood framing 


48 x 60” nude “AMALFI” / raw textured edges 

2 piece design : 22 x 52” “BALI”  w/ black framing 

2 piece design : 24 x 48” “BALI”  w/ natural wood framing